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First, let me bitch about LOST. )

On to happier things!

Nationals was fantastic! It was odd not to be there as a competitor or coach; I didn't have to run around and be places or make sure other people were where they were supposed to be. I wasn't stressed at all. It was just me and Best Friend and Color (Cotton and Flo couldn't make it, in the end) hanging out, watching the techies, having fun. I got to see/hang out with/talk to old coaches, which is always the best. And in the end, the middle school took seventh and the high school took SECOND! :D :D \o/\o/ It was great.

Afterward, Best Friend, Color and I went out with J, who had just graduated from U of I the previous week. We went to a bar with some of the high school coaches, which was just fun.

Then yesterday, as soon as I got back home, Flo came over and lay on the beach with me. It was positively lovely. We even went swimming! First swim of the year!

Oh my gods, kids, it's so hot here. By eleven it was 80 degrees. Not. Okay. We have all the fans in my house on and most of the windows open. It is toooooo hot.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 11:42 am
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I got a job! Oh my goodness I am so very excited. \o/ Victory!

very few thoughts on LOST )

Mostly I liked the parts with Kate and/or Sawyer, as per usual.

I'm going to try to start erging again. For some reason, I've always liked the room. It's this little underground hole mostly, and it smells like old sweat and cement, but I like it. It's private, and you can play really loud music. I'm pretty sure most people (besides the crew team) don't know it exists and thus do not use it. Hooray for private working out.

I'm also going HORSEBACK RIDING TOMORROW. Oh am I excited. I haven't been on a horse in FOREVER. I might have to ride English (gross. I'm a cowboy dammit), but still. Just to be around a horse again will be fun. It'll probably make me miss Rose, my goat from middle school (she's still alive, just not mine anymore).

PS: The Spartans both lost the game, and lost one of our best players to an ankle sprain. Nooooooooooo.
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I am abandoning LJ, Facebook and Twitter due to the likelihood that someone will ruin LOST for me. Instead, Spartan basketball (oh please oh please oh please let us beat Wisconsin!) and eventually pizza and friends.

I think I might get a job, which is GREAT. Even if it is calling people and asking for money, which is less great. But it's a job and it pays more than any other job on campus, so I'll deal. I killed the phone interview today and have a real interview tomorrow. Wish me luck?

I just reread my novel from NaNoWriMo freshman year. Perhaps I could work on that and actually have a teenage girl book written. It's mostly written anyway, I'd just have to tinker and edit and rearrange. (Plus a teenage girl book should maybe not include sex, even though it's sad, not graphic, super important, last-time-we'll-ever-have-sex-cause-you-have-cancer sex.) It's not as bad as I remember.

[livejournal.com profile] trolliepop's LOST tweets have made my last couple days great. The ANTICIPATION is killing me in the best way (kinda like season three of Battlestar, I mean REALLY).

Oh also, hello adorable userpic made for me by [livejournal.com profile] leiascully. Thanks, love!


May. 14th, 2009 08:24 pm
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The thing about watching Battlestar after having friends on LJ who watched it: I do things like yell, "SAMMY!" when I first see Sam Anders on the screen, before I even technically learn his name. So yeah. Thanks for that, Mary. :)

I've been going to the GYM! I'm enjoying spinning class, and even went on my own today, without my mother to force me to go. I'm quite proud of this.

LOST has just gotten frakking insane (note: I will use the words frakking and godsdammit (I used godsdammit before I watched Battlestar), I will NOT use the words/phrases frak or oh my gods. Because those sound ridiculous. Also, realize that I've watched 18 episodes in a period of three or four days, so I'm a little BSG'd out.)

House was awful. Well, it would have been quite good, except that we've had freakin' hallucinations in every season finale for the past three years. I understand that you can't come up with a new formula for each episode--someone will get sick, House will think he solved it, they'll get better, then worse, then House will have a moment (generally with Wilson) where he stares into the distance, and then he'll actually solve it--but you could at least come up with a new formula for the season freakin' finales.

Must go now because Sam Anders is on my screen again.
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LaFleur makes me think of Dodgeball. )

Hm. Yes. I think that is all I have to say.

Except, also, I learned how to ♥
Among other things. ✔
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I always write the titles to JJ Abrams's shows in all caps )

I have new friends! [livejournal.com profile] ninamazing from [livejournal.com profile] kinky_hearts, then [livejournal.com profile] queer_theory, [livejournal.com profile] willwrite4food and [livejournal.com profile] anne_figo from a multi-fandom friends meme (which I still call meh-mees). So anyway: Welcome!

Oh flist. I seem to have broken my back. It hurt a little, then a little more, then extended into my tailbone and I am broked. The boyfriend emailed a chiropractor friend who knows people out here for a referral, so hopefully I will be fixed soon enough.

Tomorrow is just spinning (which I might skip re: the back) and lots of work on Science Olympiad that I didn't do over break. I've fallen in love with my Constitutional Law class though. My professor's intense and the whole thing just makes you think and he mentioned today, "That'd be an interesting thesis." and I hadn't ever even thought of doing my thesis on Con Law but I am now! Of course, I've got some time before I have to figure all that out, but I just wanted to exclaim how excited I am.

Had our first meeting for studying in East Africa next semester. Boring stuff, as is any first meeting, but it was for STUDYING IN EAST AFRICA NEXT SEMESTER so it was pretty exciting.

Hope y'all are lovely.

(PS- I love Daniel Faraday)
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It is good to have it back. I think regardless of whether this show is good or bad, I like it. It is my comfort.

Things I love: )

I watched it with a friend who has not seen all of the fourth season, but she read up on the episodes and watched the clips show, so it worked out. Also another guy who I don't know very well but who has been ostracized by some really immature friends because he was an asshole in a relationship. (Long story that involves too much immaturity to think about). So it was nice to hang with him for sure.

I'm really excited about this semester. I'm going to die from the workload, but it will be good. Civil Liberties and Political Thought should be really cool, and I'm looking forward to Creative Nonfiction. Methods will be whatever. And of course, Spinning with Sam Taylor will be epic.

I hope those who watched LOST enjoyed it and those who didn't enjoyed their night as well.
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LOST promo theory )

any opinions on my craziness?
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Kate + Baby = Adorable. )

I just read butterfly_kate's "What Happens in Italy" Draco/Ginny fic. It was super cute. <3 Well done, darling.

I want to be a writer when I grow up. Help.
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Hurley + Ben = OTP )

I love you flist.
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Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything in front of the cut. But I just need to say:

LOST tonight was like a really attractive guy walking past you. You're liking it, you appreciate it, it's good stuff. Then BAM! he punches you in the face, and you're just like WHAT THE FUCK?! )
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I just spent too long reading spoilers for Lost. I am NOT allowed to do that. I blame Lauren for my complete lack of self-control. :)

So I don't know what I believe anymore--but pray for my roommate, would you?
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ALL DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! i have an AP test tomorrow but that's it. and if i don't do well on said AP test...OH WELL!!!! i don't care. mwhahahahha!

so i would REALLY like to talk to someone about lost, but i'm not going to go into everything here, because i'd just type for like four pages. basically, i called it about halfway through, but it was still INSANE. yay for lack of jateness in the end. yay for jack being a drug addicted loser.

Science Olympiad Nationals )
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so i guess if you want, you guys can read this fanfic. i posted it at lost-forum. and i know that most of you don't care at all, but if you're one of the few who do, it's here.


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