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a tiny bit of bitching behind the cut because actually I'm happy )


I am not one of those people who is all "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas!", not because I am greedy and like presents (well, not just because of that), but because Christmas we do stuff more with family friends than strictly family. And I like that more.

But still.


Last Thanksgiving was, admittedly, pretty cool. We took over Thad's house in Africa and made chicken (alas, no turkey) and sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes and green beans and roasted vegetables and apple pie and it was really kind of awesome. But it wasn't AMERICAN THANKSGIVING. At this time, like during the Olympics, I am a bit my country, right or wrong. I understand that this is a gluttonous holiday and I understand some of the beefs people have with it. BUT I DON'T CARE. I FUCKING LOVE THANKSGIVING.

Phew. Now that that's off my chest: I am home. It is lovely. I flew into Chicago Monday night and met up with Other Sister and we drove back Tuesday afternoon. I've been lazing around with the fam watching Jeopardy at night, which might sound lame but is kind of awesome. We have a French exchange student named Arnaud who is mostly adorable. He is 16 and madly in love with Younger Other Sister who is kind of in love with him back and it is cute. So I have been entertaining him. And about 6 other French boys who came over with him and are staying with various other families came over today. We went for a long (FREEZING) walk in the woods which was super fun. And just lazed around with them and Other Family and it was great.

One line of whininess again )

Also, you guys, I am getting glasses. GLASSES. I am so excited. I'm a bit near-sighted, it turns out. And it's not a huge deal but sometimes I have trouble reading things on the board if they are not written in black marker. I also probably would have trouble driving at night, except I never drive at night, so it's not really a problem. But anyway, GLASSES. I am SO. EXCITED. I've always wanted glasses. I look CUTE in glasses (modest!Me). I steal Texas's all the time and stole my girl's once, and they helped so much that it convinced me to get my eyes tested and I did and now I'm getting glasses! I won't have them until I get home for Christmas, but I am super excited.

ALSO. I sent my proposal to the safari company to go back and write a book on them. Did I tell you guys I was doing that? Well, I am. Trying to anyway. To go back to Africa after I graduate and work for the company in exchange for room, board (aka a tent and not having to scavenge the bush for my food), and access to them. And I will write a book. YES PLEASE.

Tomorrow, let me say again, is THANKSGIVING. I am excited. Saturday I get my hair cut!

One more line of whininess )

I live a pretty good life!

ETA: Other Sister made me come out last night almost immediately after I posted this and I had a great time and saw the IOM and we're doing lunch Saturday and I live an even better life than I thought!
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Best meme ever.

My life has been all kinds of good lately. ALL KINDS OF GOOD. Old friends, boys, other families and bonfires. And upcoming: baseball, more old friends, more boys, parties, meteor shower and returning to school. MADE OF WIN.
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Oh, Flo is just the best.

We had the greatest night tonight. Talking our way through music in the park and picking out which children we wanted to steal and such. And then watching the sunset and talking about her new boy (omwitissoexciting!) and so on and so forth. She really is the best. She talked about how she can see me being the only friend she has from high school when she's old. It's totally true--I can't imagine not being friends with her. Maybe we're not best friends and maybe we don't see each other for long periods of time like when I'm at school, but we come together like we saw each other yesterday, and we've done that since sixth grade. It's so nice.

Also nice? My dinner tonight. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] coffeesuperhero, I have been surfing through Smitten Kitchen and recently discovered asparagus, goat cheese and lemon pasta. I only recently discovered lemon pasta and it is the best, and I'm trying to find ways to eat more vegetables, so even though I hate asparagus usually, I figured we'd try. Then we didn't have goat cheese and were all collectively too lazy to go to the store, so we sort of made it up and put in romano and cream cheese (so it would melt better). OMW SO GOOD. I ate all the asparagus without even thinking about it. I think we are going to make it again with BLEU CHEESE sometime. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Work is ridiculous and disorganized, but I like the people I work with and I get paid and I don't have to work Fridays. So I can deal. :D

ALSO OMW I ALMOST FORGOT: There is now a schedulefor [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle number five! Or what I like to call, Cinco de Porno. :P
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I just took my dog for a walk, not even a very long one, and she is now hardcore snoring on the floor next to me. Adorable.

Oh my goodness, I felt all grown up today. One, when someone was telling me where I had to deliver things cartons that I had to deliver, she said, "That goes to Missy and that goes to Nate." whereas I'm used to only calling these people Mrs. & Mr. So I felt all grown up that I been upgraded to first name status. And then, when I delivered them, one of the kids in the class goes, "Who's that lady?!" I'm old enough to be a lady to middle schoolers, bahahahaha. Cracked me up.

Today is Operation: Pong Table. Other Sister shall be calling soon and we will go buy some plywood and some paint, and get to work. Red & white stripes, blue triangles with white stars where the cups go. America, fuck yeah! :P

And I haven't really geeked out about television on here in a while. But after last night, I must!

Castle )

House )

So today is Operation: Pong Table, tomorrow my brother is probably coming up with some friends, Thursday I'm going to Chitown with my mom (AND FLO!) to see my sister and her boyfriend, Friday we head down to Nationals! It will be the best. Best Friend and Flo and Cotton and Color (oh, boys from high school and our nicknames we even had for you then) are all going to be there! Epic win! When I first decided to go I was hoping the IOM would be there too, but now I neither know nor really care that much because I am so excited for the reunion of so many people from the old team. :D It will be such fun!

I've been so very happy lately.
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I spent most of the day sleeping in MY OWN BED. I took my dog for a walk with my mom. My parents and I went out to breakfast/lunch. My cat cuddled with me all last night. I have THE LAKE right outside my window. Life is goooooooood.

Plus, baseball, which was amazing and MY DAD CAUGHT A FOUL BALL. Well, when I say caught, I mean it was rocketed toward our seats, I ducked, some people behind us tried to catch it, it ricocheted a couple times, and landed in the my brother's seat while he was buying us hot dogs. And my dad picked it up. :D So now I have a foul ball sitting on my dresser. Normally, I would give it to a little kid, but I was too excited. Plus, I texted the IOM about it and he didn't believe me. So I had to keep it to show it to him. :P

thoughts as I watched Monday's Castle )

Moral of the story: Trucco's freakin' gorgeous but Demming makes Castle, and thus me, sad. Though he makes up for some of it by being so darn pretty.

really good questions from liveonthesun )

Tomorrow will be baseball on TV (it was a rainout tonight so they're doing a day/night double header! :D), with Rick Porcello ♥ pitching. Excellent. Hopefully I will see my other sister, who should get a better nickname than other sister. In the evening, the 'rents and I are going out to dinner at a place where there'll be something like a 12-piece band playing--and various other people might come. I reallllly hope so! I've missed my other families.

Oh, also, Hill and I have a weekly word goal. We're going to write and send things to each other every Sunday, at least 1000 words. It will force us to keep writing and also to share and get feedback, which is something I often fail at doing. I'm going to try to not cheat and therefore not write fanfiction, but I hear there's another [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle this summer, and if I'm writing anywhere near the eight pieces I wrote for the last one, I won't necessarily have time to keep up with original fiction. But, anyway, I'm excited for a summer of writing.

Plus, I did a few crunches and push-ups today. I hope to increase the number as I go, but just doing any is a big first step for me. So, root me on. :)

:D \o/ :D

Apr. 23rd, 2010 11:04 am
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Holy frak, you guys. Texas and I won a crossword competition at our school, which means we both get $100! $100 for completing three crosswords! It was a Monday, a Tuesday, and then a Friday. Monday and Tuesday we owned in like a combined 45 minutes. Friday's took us an hour and twenty five minutes but we finished! I've never had the perseverance to finish a Friday before. It was all very exciting, and it turns out we're the only group to not have missed a single clue. :D \o/

There is Animal Therapy today, which means I get to go to school early to play with dogs. :D

I go home in just over two weeks. And by home, I mean I'm flying to Detroit, where my dad is going to pick me up and take me to a ball game before we head home. Tigers-Yankees. Curtis in a Yanks uniform will be sad, but somehow I think I'll be able to deal. :D

It's the IOM's birthday today. Possibility of a drunk dial? :D

It's Texas's birthday on Wednesday. Things are gonna be crazy. :D

Next Thursday is the last day of class, then I have two open book take home exams and one open book in class exam. :D

Summer 2010, here I come! :D \o/
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I have been trying to update for literally more than 24 hours. LJ hates me.

Good things this week:

- Texas and I both having less homework
- The Boyfriend's parents coming to visit
- Newspaper coming to visit
- Texas and I going to BASEBALL
- The Boyfriend's parents taking us to Cirque du Soleil

Then one week, during which I do not have work, then Texas's 21ST BIRTHDAY, then SCHOOL'S OUT. Basically, things are good. I mean, I still don't really know what's going on, what I want to do with my life, the person I want to be. But as we have a break in schoolwork, I'm realizing how fucking great life is without school's stress, and I realize that I'm not going to have the stress of school in only a couple weeks, and so things are better.

Went to dinner with The Boyfriend's parents last night, am probably going to dinner with Newspaper tomorrow night. And The Boyfriend's parents will probably take me out at least once more. Aka: this is a week of free food. It is glorious.

I've hit a point where I want to be Hunter S. Thompson."I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

I just want to fool around and write. And sure, I'm probably just young and I'll probably grow out of it, but I feel like I should do it while I have the chance, right? I'm a strong advocate of bad decisions that don't ruin your life (or anyone else's, for that matter). Things with the IOM (which sort of had the heat turned up) and with Texas show that pretty clearly.

So here's to fucking up without dying, living like I'm alive.
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I'm going through a bit of an existential...not crisis, because that sounds bad, and this isn't really bad.

I literally think I'm in the middle of finding myself. Or at least finding more of myself. It's kind of awesome.
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My flist is so happy today! There is sparkletext!
and CAPSLOCK! and general happiness.

Mostly due to the fact that it either is or is almost SPRING TO THE BREAK!

It's also people's birthdays soon (including, apparently, [livejournal.com profile] spaceepicisepic). And March Madness has started. And The Boyfriend bought the baseball tickets yesterday! And I am getting over my sickness! And I think I did better on my two midterms than I had originally thought!

So, obviously, it is happy over here too. I hope tomorrow proves as ridiculous as yesterday. Everyone went a little crazy for St Patty's day, but I was sick and had a midterm today, so I didn't. But it will be freakin' spring break, and the weather's great, so I hope it's lovely.


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