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a tiny bit of bitching behind the cut because actually I'm happy )


I am not one of those people who is all "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even more than Christmas!", not because I am greedy and like presents (well, not just because of that), but because Christmas we do stuff more with family friends than strictly family. And I like that more.

But still.


Last Thanksgiving was, admittedly, pretty cool. We took over Thad's house in Africa and made chicken (alas, no turkey) and sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes and green beans and roasted vegetables and apple pie and it was really kind of awesome. But it wasn't AMERICAN THANKSGIVING. At this time, like during the Olympics, I am a bit my country, right or wrong. I understand that this is a gluttonous holiday and I understand some of the beefs people have with it. BUT I DON'T CARE. I FUCKING LOVE THANKSGIVING.

Phew. Now that that's off my chest: I am home. It is lovely. I flew into Chicago Monday night and met up with Other Sister and we drove back Tuesday afternoon. I've been lazing around with the fam watching Jeopardy at night, which might sound lame but is kind of awesome. We have a French exchange student named Arnaud who is mostly adorable. He is 16 and madly in love with Younger Other Sister who is kind of in love with him back and it is cute. So I have been entertaining him. And about 6 other French boys who came over with him and are staying with various other families came over today. We went for a long (FREEZING) walk in the woods which was super fun. And just lazed around with them and Other Family and it was great.

One line of whininess again )

Also, you guys, I am getting glasses. GLASSES. I am so excited. I'm a bit near-sighted, it turns out. And it's not a huge deal but sometimes I have trouble reading things on the board if they are not written in black marker. I also probably would have trouble driving at night, except I never drive at night, so it's not really a problem. But anyway, GLASSES. I am SO. EXCITED. I've always wanted glasses. I look CUTE in glasses (modest!Me). I steal Texas's all the time and stole my girl's once, and they helped so much that it convinced me to get my eyes tested and I did and now I'm getting glasses! I won't have them until I get home for Christmas, but I am super excited.

ALSO. I sent my proposal to the safari company to go back and write a book on them. Did I tell you guys I was doing that? Well, I am. Trying to anyway. To go back to Africa after I graduate and work for the company in exchange for room, board (aka a tent and not having to scavenge the bush for my food), and access to them. And I will write a book. YES PLEASE.

Tomorrow, let me say again, is THANKSGIVING. I am excited. Saturday I get my hair cut!

One more line of whininess )

I live a pretty good life!

ETA: Other Sister made me come out last night almost immediately after I posted this and I had a great time and saw the IOM and we're doing lunch Saturday and I live an even better life than I thought!
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1.) I've been reading Hyperbole and a Half. You guys. You can't even understand how wonderful it is. And how it kind of makes me feel like I could survive as a writer, even though it's not actually anything like anything I'd be doing at all. It's just that she likes to write and draw and she does. And also she is hilarious.

2.) It is getting cold here. And rainy. Gross.

3.) I've failed already at NaNo. Probably because I forgot I was thinking about doing it until the day before. And now I'm being lazy.

4.) I'm rather enamored with someone.

I'm probably rebounding, but I liked her before I was single, so I feel that that's not it. Or at least not all of it. I haven't allowed the beginnings of a crush to occur in forever, so it's rather fun to have a "omgijustwanttohangoutwithyouforever" feeling. (Of course, there's also the "and if you wanted to kiss sometimes, in the forever time that we are hanging out, that would be nice too.)

I thought I upset her today, and was really upset myself, but then it turned out she was just having a bad day. I felt a little better, but not much, as I don't want her to have bad days. Ever. I want her to be the happiest.

5.) Volleyball is over. I was just a fan, but it was kind of an emotional end anyway. To have a close friend's senior season come to a close. I don't really know what I'm going to do with my Friday and Saturday nights anymore.

But it was fun, because I made signs for a ton of people--silly signs. "Meow" for Kat and Marge Simpson for a girl named Margaret and a play on Blue Diamond almonds for a girl whose family owns an almond farm/orchard/thing that sells to Blue Diamond. And the girls LOVED them. Like, took them home. I was very excited and glad to make people happy.

6.) Thanksgiving is soon. OMG YAY.
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So The Boyfriend is not the boyfriend anymore.

I'm much more okay that I would have ever expected to be. I mean, it's not great or anything, but I'm having a surprisingly good week, in spite of it all.

This next week should be pretty good though--a good Halloween weekend (beginning with The Nightmare Before Christmas and Psycho! Two movies that maybe shouldn't go together :D ) and then we're flying out a job candidate for the Poli Sci position. I am the student liaison for the search committee, so I'm pretty involved. Lots of free food and fun talks with interesting people! I am excited.

Then November--and I think I'm doing NaNo again! Eek! Or something like it, anyway. I've got a lot on this one character, so I'm not starting from nothing, but I'm trying to make myself actually write all the scenes I have in my head for her. So, NaNo it is.

I'm also signed up for...well, a lot. Into a Bar and Pretty Lights and BSG_Kink's Kink Off and probably Yuletide, too. So there will be a lot of writing in my future.

Then THANKSGIVING! I am excited.

Ooh, and I forgot, Burn Notice comes back soon, too!
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1.) I love fall. I missed it so much when I was in Africa, and it is not the same in Oregon as it is in Michigan (seriously, Oregon, don't you understand that the leaves are all supposed to turn pretty colors?), but it is still FALL. I am excited. I walked home from school in a zigzag path, stepping on all the crunchy looking leaves. It was satisfying.

2.) School has been great, in a different sort of way. All I want to do anymore is write. And it's kind of all I am doing. So I take part in discussions in my other classes via reading spark notes (or common sense, in one of the classes), and do not do the reading. And then I read five thousand things for Fiction Writing and write a million pages and spend hours on Google Maps and Google Earth figuring out where my characters lived in NYC before the world ended (both in Queens, one in Kew Gardens, the other I can't decide which neighborhood). It's just kind of bad because I only want to learn things if they pertain to my writing, which, eventually, could be a lot of things, but currently is about New York City and guns and the end of the world (and, in another piece, Kansas and airplanes and the Air Force and strokes and Paris and espresso and cutting and Seattle).

3.) English Boy is not going to join the English Army, after all. At least not immediately. He is going to teach English in Palestine instead, which is a bit of a relief.

4.) I love Jim Croce.

5.) I am going to be Peach for Halloween! From Mario Kart! It basically just means I get to wear a big pink dress and a tiara! I am so excited. I do not think there will ever be a time that I don't want to dress up for Halloween.

6.) I'm trying to get the Old Spice Man to record a video for my anniversary with The Boyfriend. Any suggestions on how to get him to do it? I have tweeted at him and sent him a message on youtube and am off to find him on facebook. I feel like I should write him a real fan letter and send it--I think he lives in Portland even? Perhaps I could stalk him and deliver it personally, because that wouldn't be weird.

7.) Did I mention that I love fall?
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I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Depending on which fics/pieces of fics I put into this thing, I was generally either Chuck Palahniuk, Stephen King, or James Joyce.

I always have these things happen and I think, "Oh, I should tell people on LJ that!" and then I don't update in forever and sometimes (often) forget what I wanted to say. Oh well.

Things have been good here. [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle is going on, which is always fun. I posted a few things over there and one at my new fic journal ([livejournal.com profile] likebrightness). Also posted a Nancy/Andy Weeds fic over there.

Work's good. Weather is TOO HOT but the Lake is mostly nice--this weekend even the water was too warm; when it's that warm it brings out all the riffraff (/spoiled townie).

Rookie Blue is the Grey's Anatomy of cop shows and it is terrible and OMG I LOVE IT. :D It's such an easy teenage thing, but has some characters who could be really really good, depending on how the writers use them.

Turns out the week before my period I get terrible headaches and feel exhausted and all I have to do is take a freaking iron pill every day and it goes away. What doesn't go away: the desire for OMG CHOCOLATE SO MUCH CHOCOLATE.

I've been running and enjoying it, at least a little. I've decided to do a Race for the Cure in Portland in September. It's a 5k, and I figure if I commit to doing it, I won't be able to decide I don't like running and just quit. :P

A while ago I had a party, which was fun but caused problems with the Best Friend and the mistake that happened twice. The former, at least, are partially fixed. I'm a little confused about the latter. But no matter, the party was fun--met Flo's boyfriend who I LOVE and also had Younger Other Sister there, and it's such fun to hang out with her (especially when she's not with her boyfriend. Not that I don't like him, they are just always. together.)

Baseball is my favorite. My fiance's currently pitching in the All-Star game and potentially losing it for the AL, but at least he does it looking pretty. :P

Thursdays at Wisners' is also my favorite. We had people come even though it was just me last week, since my mom and dad were up North. I have the most fun hanging out with fifty somethings. For serious.
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It's the beginning of summer.

Yesterday was pretty and we had so many people over to drink Black Eyed Susans and watch the Preakness while making inappropriate jokes about the horse names and the lyrics to Maryland, My Maryland.

Then today was Miss Lisa's with most of les filles (aka Best Friend and [livejournal.com profile] astropixie, just missing Flo, who, being in France, has a legitimate excuse), then sitting on my porch in the sun, talking. Met Mrs. R's new boyfriend. Watched the Tigers win.

Then changed into a bathing suit and lounging in the sun for hours. Literally hours. Read a bit (of Hotel New Hampshire), wrote a bit, slept a bit. Now burgers (off the grill!) and corn on the cob, and Other Sisters are coming over to lounge in the sun some more. It is such a summer day.

In other news: I think I have to accept that writing for teenage girls is okay, because parts of my novel from freshman year are really good (she said modestly). I'm good at sexual tension, it turns out (my short story professor told me so once). And I'm good at flirtation and sappiness. It seems like a shoe-in for writing for teenage girls.
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I spent most of the day sleeping in MY OWN BED. I took my dog for a walk with my mom. My parents and I went out to breakfast/lunch. My cat cuddled with me all last night. I have THE LAKE right outside my window. Life is goooooooood.

Plus, baseball, which was amazing and MY DAD CAUGHT A FOUL BALL. Well, when I say caught, I mean it was rocketed toward our seats, I ducked, some people behind us tried to catch it, it ricocheted a couple times, and landed in the my brother's seat while he was buying us hot dogs. And my dad picked it up. :D So now I have a foul ball sitting on my dresser. Normally, I would give it to a little kid, but I was too excited. Plus, I texted the IOM about it and he didn't believe me. So I had to keep it to show it to him. :P

thoughts as I watched Monday's Castle )

Moral of the story: Trucco's freakin' gorgeous but Demming makes Castle, and thus me, sad. Though he makes up for some of it by being so darn pretty.

really good questions from liveonthesun )

Tomorrow will be baseball on TV (it was a rainout tonight so they're doing a day/night double header! :D), with Rick Porcello ♥ pitching. Excellent. Hopefully I will see my other sister, who should get a better nickname than other sister. In the evening, the 'rents and I are going out to dinner at a place where there'll be something like a 12-piece band playing--and various other people might come. I reallllly hope so! I've missed my other families.

Oh, also, Hill and I have a weekly word goal. We're going to write and send things to each other every Sunday, at least 1000 words. It will force us to keep writing and also to share and get feedback, which is something I often fail at doing. I'm going to try to not cheat and therefore not write fanfiction, but I hear there's another [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle this summer, and if I'm writing anywhere near the eight pieces I wrote for the last one, I won't necessarily have time to keep up with original fiction. But, anyway, I'm excited for a summer of writing.

Plus, I did a few crunches and push-ups today. I hope to increase the number as I go, but just doing any is a big first step for me. So, root me on. :)
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It was quite anti-climatic, as I finished with a take home test. Usually it's something more like finishing a test, turning it in, and walking out of one of the academic buildings for the last time. Instead, it was, "Well. Um. I guess I'll email this to him. I'm done." But still very exciting.

BASEBALL SOON. We have ridiculously good tickets. I don't know exactly where, but in the "on-deck circle" section, which stretches from dugout to dugout, including behind home plate. *dies*

Mom seems nervous that I am sad that I'm coming home for the summer--since Texas, Roommate Boy (who will be Roommate Boy again for real!), and The Boyfriend are staying out here, together. But Portland doesn't have the Lake, or a beach, or les filles, or my family or Other Families, or Tigers baseball, or the IOM, or that feeling of home. Nowhere but Michigan will ever be home to me, especially in the summer. And this summer, the aunt and uncle aren't living with us, so I'll have my room again and much more peace and quiet. I will bike everywhere and write everything and I can't wait.

LOST spoilers )


1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

questions from leiascully )
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I have been trying to update for literally more than 24 hours. LJ hates me.

Good things this week:

- Texas and I both having less homework
- The Boyfriend's parents coming to visit
- Newspaper coming to visit
- Texas and I going to BASEBALL
- The Boyfriend's parents taking us to Cirque du Soleil

Then one week, during which I do not have work, then Texas's 21ST BIRTHDAY, then SCHOOL'S OUT. Basically, things are good. I mean, I still don't really know what's going on, what I want to do with my life, the person I want to be. But as we have a break in schoolwork, I'm realizing how fucking great life is without school's stress, and I realize that I'm not going to have the stress of school in only a couple weeks, and so things are better.

Went to dinner with The Boyfriend's parents last night, am probably going to dinner with Newspaper tomorrow night. And The Boyfriend's parents will probably take me out at least once more. Aka: this is a week of free food. It is glorious.

I've hit a point where I want to be Hunter S. Thompson."I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

I just want to fool around and write. And sure, I'm probably just young and I'll probably grow out of it, but I feel like I should do it while I have the chance, right? I'm a strong advocate of bad decisions that don't ruin your life (or anyone else's, for that matter). Things with the IOM (which sort of had the heat turned up) and with Texas show that pretty clearly.

So here's to fucking up without dying, living like I'm alive.
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Things are still a little off. Definitely better than last week, plus I've made it through the tough part of my week, so it should only go up from here.

The Africa Party did indeed raise my spirits. Such fun. )

But at the same time, I'm...not really depressed or angry. Unhappy, I suppose. I don't want to be here. I'm so thoroughly done with academics, except I know I have to graduate, which means one more year. And I just want to go home--I don't know if it's just that it's finally the only home I want, that I've finally realized that, or if it's just that time of year (only a month to go), or if it's not being around people who knew our friend who died.

RIP Uncle Doug )

I'm a downer lately, sorry )

I kind of feel like I'm faking everything, and like I've been faking a lot of things my entire life. It's an odd feeling.
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I'm going through a bit of an existential...not crisis, because that sounds bad, and this isn't really bad.

I literally think I'm in the middle of finding myself. Or at least finding more of myself. It's kind of awesome.
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Oh, friends, my spring break was so wonderful!

behind a cut for your convenience )

It all was rather fantastic. I was very happy, and The Boyfriend has been less stressed out of late, meaning he is being completely adorable. My mom says she knows when we're getting along because apparently I talk more like him on the phone. I'm not really sure what that means, but it's kind of sickly cute anyway.

FINISHED MY FIC FOR [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix!!!! It's my first time doing it, and I really liked it. I've offered to pinch hit if they need me, too. I miss writing.

I think I'm going home for the summer. I love it out here, and I know I'll miss people either way, but that's home. I always wanted to do big things with my life, but it turns out the biggest things in my life are the people. Summer will always be that house and that beach and everyone who shows up at that beach. Memorial Day softball games and Wednesdays at Wisners'. The more I travel, the more I realize I want to go home. The world is beautiful, and everyone should see as much of it as they have a chance to; I have wanderlust, but I have a home, too.

And I think this to myself every summer, but I'm really going to do it this time: write a lot and lose weight. I think I'm going to start biking around with a chair and a notebook and just stop and write wherever I feel like it. And eat from the Farmer's Market like it's my job.

Other Sister and I were talking on FB the other day, and we've realized we can do whatever we want with our lives, as long as we can feed ourselves. I feel like most of the time when you're told you can do whatever you want, it means, "Go accomplish big things." But we can also accomplish little things. We don't have to go save the world if that's not what we want; we can live in our little dinky small hometown with the people we've known our entire lives doing what we love, and that's okay. You're not a failure if you return to your hometown. I think it's good to leave it at some point, because you don't know what's out there if you don't, but it's always okay to go back.

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I'm having the laziest Saturday ever. Thank you, Olympic curling. All I've been doing since I woke up is watching the bronze and now gold-medal men's games. Go Canada.

My birthday party (a week ago) was kind of a wash, as in, almost no one showed up. But I still had Texas and The Boyfriend and Roommate Boy and a couple other people, and when it comes right down to it, I don't need much more.

UGH, you guys. whining about the political science department )

Anyway. The parentals are coming out to visit in less than a week. I am very very excited. Baseball also starts in less than a week, and that is also exciting.

I am a little stressed of late. But it's the kind of stress like getting on an airplane. You *know* it's not going to crash, but you still know there's a tiny tiny possibility that it might. And sometimes it's hard to think of anything but that possibility.

Roommate Boy has a lady, which is a big deal and also caused a lot of drama because she was friends of someone who's been crazy in love with him since freshman year. But I think it's working out well.

I've been playing with a bit of original fiction; I'm going to post a bit of it today. It's almost about a young Kara Thrace, except not. She was more just inspiration. I have named her Thia (after Theia, who gave birth to Helios, the sun). She's maybe 8 years old and I love her. I think I'm getting better at characters.
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I am abandoning LJ, Facebook and Twitter due to the likelihood that someone will ruin LOST for me. Instead, Spartan basketball (oh please oh please oh please let us beat Wisconsin!) and eventually pizza and friends.

I think I might get a job, which is GREAT. Even if it is calling people and asking for money, which is less great. But it's a job and it pays more than any other job on campus, so I'll deal. I killed the phone interview today and have a real interview tomorrow. Wish me luck?

I just reread my novel from NaNoWriMo freshman year. Perhaps I could work on that and actually have a teenage girl book written. It's mostly written anyway, I'd just have to tinker and edit and rearrange. (Plus a teenage girl book should maybe not include sex, even though it's sad, not graphic, super important, last-time-we'll-ever-have-sex-cause-you-have-cancer sex.) It's not as bad as I remember.

[livejournal.com profile] trolliepop's LOST tweets have made my last couple days great. The ANTICIPATION is killing me in the best way (kinda like season three of Battlestar, I mean REALLY).

Oh also, hello adorable userpic made for me by [livejournal.com profile] leiascully. Thanks, love!
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I have finished rereading The Great Gatsby. Just as wonderful as I remember. As you read it there's a feeling, no matter what part you're reading, an ineffable hope, joy, anticipation. I want to write that.

Had a bonfire yesterday. Not many people showed up, and the Best Friend was sort of a huge bitch, and then tried to throw it off like she wasn't. I don't think she realizes I'm mad at her, but I'm a bit done with it. Not going to be the one who makes an effort anymore. It's funny, because she's sort of turning into what Flo used to be, when Flo drifted out of our lives for a bit. And now I see Flo every Wednesday, not even necessarily by my suggestion. Such is life, I suppose. I love them both desperately still, differently, but desperately. Who knew I'd meet the people I want to spend the rest of my life with in middle school?

This weekend has been glorious. Sunshine and Gatsby. I'm tanner than usual and my hair is getting blonde. I think I will come back from Africa physically different, as well as everything else different.

Went skinny dipping for the first time in OVER A YEAR last night. Around 1 am or so. It really is one of the greatest things in the world. The water itself is one of the greatest things in the world. I don't think I can ever leave this place with singing sands and water without salt.

Fangirls, you should come visit me. We have room. Next summer, maybe? I realize it will be a little ridiculous, as I live with my parents in the summers, but you really should come visit me. The sunsets have been glorious and the water has been warm and clean and friends should abound.

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Reminder to all the writers on my flist. You should join! We'll be posting our first exercise tomorrow.

And an apology to anyone on my flist who is not a Battlestar Galactica fan (or a porn fan for that matter, hah). [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle is going on, and I feel like I might inundate you a little more with tons of porn. Heh. So. Sorry 'bout that.
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Lu ([livejournal.com profile] luminouslu) and I have been working on this new community for the past few days. (Or really, Lu has been doing amazing things and bouncing her brilliant ideas off of me and I have been saying, Yes! You're brilliant!) Anyway, here is the result:

It's a writing community (obviously). The goal is to improve our writing through exercises and constructive criticism. All you writers out there, if you're serious about writing, should check it out. It's open to original fiction or fanfiction. Go look! 

And a big thanks to Lu for coming up with this and letting me help out! 
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Summer is treating me relatively well, except for the fact that no one is hiring. I have no job and basically do nothing all day, which is good, in and of itself, but also gets boring. I have to motivate myself to write, every day. That is what I am going to work on. I want this to be the summer of words, both reading and writing. I think tomorrow I may delete my internets for at least half the day so I get other things done.

I have, however, been successfully motivated to work out. I've only lost 4 pounds, but hey--I lost 4 pounds! So that's exciting. I've taken to walking with my mom at least twice a week. Legit walking I mean, not moseying around or anything. I've been lax on going to the gym lately, but walking is so great, and it's outdoors and everything. Only problem is that sometimes I miss the feeling of working out until I'm exhausted in a good way. So I'll probably continue my gym classes.

Memorial Day Weekend was positively glorious. We had our annual softball game on Sunday, and actually had enough people to field two teams. Normally we just rotate from positions to batting because we don't get enough people. It was really fun though, except I sort of clobbered my Other Father (the guy who's basically a dad to me, even though he's not). I was coming from 2nd to 3rd and realized he was going to have the ball before I got there but also was in the base path. So haha, I'll run him over, it'll be funny. Except we both put our heads down and he ended up with a nasty black eye. I learned my face doesn't bruise very easily, though sometimes I forget we collided and rub my eye or something and it's basically OUCH. Twas quite grand though. After softball we had lazing around and cooking out at my house. I went swimming for the first time. Cold but glorious. Definitely a good thing after being so hot from softball.

Tomorrow I'm going back in to all the places I applied to tell them I'm still interested and they should probably hire me kthxbai. That won't be fun.

I've finished Battlestar. Third season is obviously the best. Also, did anyone else think of Santa Claus when Chief was talking about going north to some place cold and without people? It made me laugh.

I love Starbuck. I love finding new amazing female characters to adore. They always remind me that I have to create my own. I have bits and pieces of a character in me, but I don't know what her story is. I'm thinking of doing a one-sentence meme on my original fiction just to get to know the characters better and figure out what I want to say.

Posted my first BSG fic at [livejournal.com profile] bsg_kink and [livejournal.com profile] smut_tuesdays. You should check out both comms if you haven't yet. They are wonderful.

I wish I had a frakking paid account so I could have more userpics. I have to figure out which one(s) to drop so I can get at least one for Battlestar. I'm wavering between Starbuck and Roslin, but I think it'll have to be Starbuck. She's my girl.

Tell me about your day, flist.
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Only one month and then I'm halfway through college. That just seems so weird.

It seems that my spring break has taken all the college age need for intoxication out of me. It was fun and all, but I don't need to do it every weekend. Plus, it's just kind of a waste of calories. :)

So I'm sitting around by myself on a Friday night, reading fanfiction that I've already read. I flew through Leah Kate's In Hiding earlier in the week and am now most of the way through On the Road. It's definitely an amazing story, both of them are. The writing's not as good as I remember it being, which isn't all that disappointing. It's not bad writing, it's just not brilliant, but I'm still enjoying it immensely. It's amazing, how she sets everything up chapters and chapters in advance. It's obvious she planned everything out, or at least a lot of things out. I wish I had a story that I could plan in advance, that I knew where it was headed. Instead my characters just sort of go, and whatever comes out comes out.

I also am so jealous of people like Leah Kate and [livejournal.com profile] leiascully. I mean I know it's fanfiction, so maybe that doesn't seem as important to some people, but they are known. If people are looking for good Skate fanfiction or good Huddy fanfiction (and maybe others for [livejournal.com profile] leiascully, but that's the only fandom of hers with which I'm involved), they'll get directed to IH and OtR and basically anything by [livejournal.com profile] leiascully. That's just so impressive to me. I want that sometime, fanfiction or not. (ETA: I accidentally wrote "anything but" at first, instead of "anything by", and that was obviously wrong. Sorry. Hah. )

In other writing news, I met with my Creative Nonfiction professor regarding a piece we had just written. She told me there were a couple of places where she would tweak or maybe cut, but she thinks I could submit it for publication! I almost fell out of my chair. To have a writing professor say something like that to me--I mean, I can't even explain it. I've been writing since I was about 7, maybe earlier. I started my first attempt of a novel at 8 or 9. It's always been in the background, something I just expected to do for my entire life. But now I want it to be what I do with my life, and to have her say something like that--it just makes me think that maybe I have a chance after all. It's exhilarating.

Other parts of my life, in brief:
I'm no longer a Science Olympiad coach, which is a long and stupid story. But I'm still in contact with a couple of the girls and they have made me feel really great and really appreciated, something I never got from the coach. So that's nice.
Wicked was good but not great. Elphaba was excellent, but Glinda and especially Fiyero left much to be desired. Still, it was culture, which made me happy.
I'm thinking about what Hunter always says about how my friends are bringing me down. Maybe they are. I'm sort of trying to branch out, but it makes me afraid that I will branch away from the Boyfriend, which I don't necessarily want to do. *le sigh* We'll see what comes of it. I'm out of here in a month anyway, and then summer and then Africa, so I suppose a lot might be different by then.
There's a boy from home who I think might be pursuing me. We've been facebook chatting late at night. It's quite flattering, as I find him immensely cute and he's rather gentlemanly and plays a mean piano. And I mean, a mean piano. So that's flattering anyway.
I miss my darling Deb, as I feel we have not been talking as much lately, and now she's on a posting hiatus and might not even see this. But if she does ♥
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(aka: there is a beautiful full moon).

I am going to Africa. Africa. I get this way after our Sunday meetings for the trip, when I suddenly realize I'm going to Africa. Kenya and Tanzania for a semester. And maybe more afterward, because the trip ends the first week in December and our only obligation is to be back for school in the middle of January (though I will probably return for Christmas and all that). I may cavort to Europe to be with friends studying abroad there. And Spain! I have never been to Spain, so it is a goal.

But yes, Africa. We had kids from last semester's trip come in and talk to us. I am already in love with the continent I have decided. I am going to find a story there. I find stories every time I travel. I am going to be a writer. I am certain. In fact, I just read a passage for my nonfiction class that made me think of...me:

"I too, if I may mention myself, have always known that my destiny was, above all, a literary destiny--that bad things and some good things would happen to me, but that, in the long run, all of it would be converted into words." - Jorge Luis Borges, Blindness

Hunter S. Thompson (that's what I'm calling him now) and I have decided to have weekly bouts of writing. Or I suppose weekend bouts of writing. Except our Saturdays are so very full soon. This Saturday = Valentine's Day, Hunter's birthday, and me at a Science Olympiad invitational. Next Saturday = my birthday. Saturday after = he being adorable and flying across the country for a girl. Saturday after = me on a retreat with the Africa kids. Saturday after = Science Olympiad State.

Ridiculous, yes?

I am especially inspired for the moment, but I must go read for Constitutional Law, which is also inspiring but in a different way. I have done a good job writing my fic for [livejournal.com profile] kinky_hearts, though I must finish it. Oh smut for Valentine's Day, you are so silly. But I forget that someone will write something for me, and then I remember and it makes me happy/laugh. I have been using parentheses lately in fics. I'm not sure if it's silly or not. I am also on the lookout for good West Wing fics, if anyone knows any.

I am going to start watching Battlestar Gallactica. Really I am. Because they are the pretty. They are "I want to go to there" pretty. That is my new measure of pretty.

Talk to me, flist.


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