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I just took my dog for a walk, not even a very long one, and she is now hardcore snoring on the floor next to me. Adorable.

Oh my goodness, I felt all grown up today. One, when someone was telling me where I had to deliver things cartons that I had to deliver, she said, "That goes to Missy and that goes to Nate." whereas I'm used to only calling these people Mrs. & Mr. So I felt all grown up that I been upgraded to first name status. And then, when I delivered them, one of the kids in the class goes, "Who's that lady?!" I'm old enough to be a lady to middle schoolers, bahahahaha. Cracked me up.

Today is Operation: Pong Table. Other Sister shall be calling soon and we will go buy some plywood and some paint, and get to work. Red & white stripes, blue triangles with white stars where the cups go. America, fuck yeah! :P

And I haven't really geeked out about television on here in a while. But after last night, I must!

Castle )

House )

So today is Operation: Pong Table, tomorrow my brother is probably coming up with some friends, Thursday I'm going to Chitown with my mom (AND FLO!) to see my sister and her boyfriend, Friday we head down to Nationals! It will be the best. Best Friend and Flo and Cotton and Color (oh, boys from high school and our nicknames we even had for you then) are all going to be there! Epic win! When I first decided to go I was hoping the IOM would be there too, but now I neither know nor really care that much because I am so excited for the reunion of so many people from the old team. :D It will be such fun!

I've been so very happy lately.


May. 14th, 2009 08:24 pm
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The thing about watching Battlestar after having friends on LJ who watched it: I do things like yell, "SAMMY!" when I first see Sam Anders on the screen, before I even technically learn his name. So yeah. Thanks for that, Mary. :)

I've been going to the GYM! I'm enjoying spinning class, and even went on my own today, without my mother to force me to go. I'm quite proud of this.

LOST has just gotten frakking insane (note: I will use the words frakking and godsdammit (I used godsdammit before I watched Battlestar), I will NOT use the words/phrases frak or oh my gods. Because those sound ridiculous. Also, realize that I've watched 18 episodes in a period of three or four days, so I'm a little BSG'd out.)

House was awful. Well, it would have been quite good, except that we've had freakin' hallucinations in every season finale for the past three years. I understand that you can't come up with a new formula for each episode--someone will get sick, House will think he solved it, they'll get better, then worse, then House will have a moment (generally with Wilson) where he stares into the distance, and then he'll actually solve it--but you could at least come up with a new formula for the season freakin' finales.

Must go now because Sam Anders is on my screen again.
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The happenings on House are way more important to you than how you did on your final.

House spoilers )

This episode has made up for Daniel dying on LOST.

And there's also real life things: one final down, two to go. My nonfiction piece can be considered finished, or not, depending on if I want to/have more time to spend on it. Then I'll be a senior based on credits, though I'm still doing two more years.

In less than a week I'll be off this campus and won't be back for 8 months. The excitement about Africa seems to outweigh how much I'm going to miss the Boyfriend and the best friends. At least Roommate Boy is coming with me.

Ooh! In other news, Roommate Boy is on his way to getting a girl (this is a big step. He is very reserved and nervous about the ladies.) However there's less than a week of school so it's probably not going to work out, at least not now. But still exciting.

maybe too much information on my lesbianism )

And again, with all of this, the thing that has had the greatest immediate impact on my life is the episode of House. My name is Meryl, and I am a fangirl.
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Ugh. )

Also. Sad I must wait until January for more of my loves.
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Nine icons for Joy. Really 9 icons from about twenty seconds of Joy. All behind the cut in case you haven't seen it yet.

The best 1:57 seconds )
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House fans.
Huddy fans.
I need to talk to you.
My RL friends suck.
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This is what I do when I'm bored. Thank God it's Memorial Day weekend and I'll have things to do, people to see. Honestly, I haven't made this much art in forever. I'm a lot better than I used to be, at least I feel like I am. Right, not the point.

House Icons
17 Wilson's Heart
6 Games

you can't always get what you want )

Give credit where it's due, 'kay kids?
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House. )

Super good episode, if y'all haven't seen it yet. Watch it. Now.

Detroit Red Wings FTW!

I am officially going *everywhere* this summer. Next weekend I'm headed to D.C. for Nationals Science Olympiad. The week/weekend after I'm going to visit my boy in Ithaca. <3 So happy for that. And then June 22 it's out to Denver. I'm visiting for the last bit of Coast Guard (and my boy should be coming then too) and then back to Denver, then finally out to Portland. Should be love.

I want a digital camera so I can do Deb's meme. I'm sure I'd hate it by the end, but oh wells. I don't have the camera anyway.

I thought I told you to go watch House!


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